Tanoa International Hotel

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The Tanoa International is only a few minutes from the airport, although the peace and quiet surrounding the hotel would have you believing otherwise. It is across the road from one of our favorite airport hotels in Nadi, the Novatel.

The room rates at the time of writing (Feb 2020) start from fj$222 a night, when booking on the Tanoa website. Looking at Agoda, they had the same room on the same dates for fj$202. It pays to shop around.

In the lobby of Tanoa International Hotel
In the lobby of Tanoa International Hotel

Our Review... Actually We Don't Have One!

While the hotel looks great, and I'm sure the facilities are top notch, we haven't written a review of the place. The reason for that is simple. To write one meant that I was going to be restricted to using pictures from their promotional packages, and everything I wrote would need to be approved by them. In other words, not a review, so much as just sales promotion for them.

It's quite possible that had I looked around I would have found everything to be absolutely perfect, and felt that a glowing review would be entirely appropriate. However, most places will have at least some little niggles, and to ignore those because management didn't want them mentioned would not sit right with me.

So, no review. My apologies, here is a picture of a cute kitten to make up for it.

Cute Kitten

We have more general information about Nadi.

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