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Amazing weather, friendly smiles, pristine palm lined beaches, snorkelling over amazing tropical reefs. Those are just some of the images that come to mind when you talk about having fun in Fiji.

Here at FantasticFiji, we'll show you everything you need to know; from some of the best places to stay and how to get there, to important tourist information such as getting internet. Where are the ATM's, some of the "must see" places, and how much does it cost to buy a litre of milk at the supermarket?

Do you need to get from the airport to your resort or the Denarau Marina? No problem, we have that covered with our airport transfers. How about tours to some of the local sights, such as the Sabeto mud pools or the orchids at Garden of the Sleeping Giant? We have that covered too.

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Come and find out what we mean when we say Fiji is the happiest place on earth. Everywhere you go, you will be greeted by people that have that Bula spirit in them... The BULANAIRES.

We Can Help With Booking Or Information On ...

There is nothing more disappointing than getting to your accommodation, and it looks nothing like the brochures or their website. That's to be expected, those photos are chosen to paint the place in the best light possible.

In any travel niche, you could divide up the online information into two broad catagories...

  1. Websites that are promotional: These have a vested financial interest in you making a booking, and spending money. Consequently, the information you get will be somewhat biased. They are not going to tell you (for example) that Bure 49 has a noisy generator behind it that runs through the night. But we will! They won't mention that their stubby of beer will cost you double what you would pay at a bar in town. But again - we will!
  2. Review Type Websites: We are all familar with the reviews that you find on places like Trip Advisor,, and Agoda. While these can be helpful, they have a couple of major drawbacks. Firstly, people are more likely to write a review if they had a bad experience. That is just human nature, but it does skew the data. And secondly, some people have an adgenda. Employees giving fake glowing reviews of a resort, competitors doing the same with negative reviews. Or perhaps a guest that took a dislike to the manager and decided to write a bad review out of spite. It can be very difficult to know what's genuine and what's not.

I remember the first time we stayed in Fiji (The Hideaway resort on the Coral Coast). It looked absolutely perfect on their website, and while we really enjoyed our stay, we would have appreciated knowing a few of the "gotchas" before we arrived. Things like swimming and snorkelling in the lagoon is only possible during high tide, and that there are no nearby cafes or restaurants. Or the fact that the ATM was out of action more often than not and had a tendency to swallow your card, never to be seen again.

So we won't sugar coat things like that. What you need is a website that you can trust to give you the information you need. We are not going to say a place is great when it isn't. If it's great we will say so. If it sucks, then we will say that too. And if it is mostly good with a few things that could be improved, then we will tell you.

So Come And Explore Fantastic Fiji With Us

"Our home - FIJI. Come and find out for yourself why we have been voted 'The happiest people on earth'.

We don't just want you to visit our beautiful country, we want you to experience all the sights sounds and tastes that make up FIJI.

So come and make some memories!"

Director, PVV Travel LTD
Blue Lagoon beach, in the Yasawa Islands
This is "Blue Lagoon Beach" on Nanuya Lailai Island in the Yasawas. Just one of countless beautiful beaches in Fiji

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