Tavewa Seabus

The red Seabus on the way to Yasawa islands

If you want to get to the Yasawa Islands, then we highly recommend taking the Tavewa Seabus. This departs from the Lautoka Kings jetty each morning at 8am and there is a return trip from the Yasawas departing Tavewa at 1-1.30pm.

The Seabus has several advantages over catching the Yasawa Flyer from Denarau.

Cost: A one-way fare to Tavewa or one of the nearby islands is currently FJ$120. Compare that to the Yasawa Flyer price of FJ$185 to FJ$200 (depending on which booking engine you are using).

Time: The Seabus takes around 3 hours to make the trip, arriving at Tavewa approximately 11-11.30am. The Yasawa Flyer takes at least an hour longer, due to traveling further with more stops. That means less traveling time and more island time for you.

The new Seabus is faster and more fuel-efficient than their old boat, the Y2. That was definitely a fun ride, even if it did take 6-7 hours! See the video below to get a look at the old boat, as well as the area around our final destination of Coralview resort, on Tavewa Island.

A New Route, An Extra Boat, And Extra Stops

Speaking with the owner Mr. Don Bruce recently, he told me that there is a new route planned, which will stop at the major islands on the way to the final destination of Tavewa. This will open up even more island experiences for tourists that choose to travel on the Seabus.

Some Of The Resorts Serviced

Longbeach, Bay of Plenty Lodge, Gold Coast Inn, Nanuya Island Resort, Coconut Beach, Coralview, Safe Landing, Nabua Lodge, Blue Lagoon Resort and Oarsman Bay Lodge.

Tavewa Seabus Daytrips To Yasawas

Until the Seabus began operation in 2016, if you wanted a trip to the Yasawas, you had little choice but to book via Yasawa Flyer and stay several nights in the area. Unless you were in a position to go by helicopter or floatplane, which is definitely out of reach of the average backpacker tourist.

Now you have options to take day trips to some of the best spots in the Yasawas, leaving early at 8am, and back in Lautoka by around 5pm. Visit the caves, go shark feeding or diving with manta rays (seasonal) and be back at your resort on the mainland the same evening!

While days trips are now possible, why rush? Far better to take a few days and explore the area, perhaps try a few of the local resorts and get into the spirit of “FIJI TIME”. The accommodation in this area is reasonably priced and perfect for those that don’t want or expect 5 star standards.

Contact the Tavewa Seabus directly, by using the form on this page. They can also arrange and book you on one of the local tours, such as the Sawa-i-Lau cave trip, or swimming with Manta Rays.

Office hours for the Seabus is 8am-5pm (Fiji local time). Prices shown for these are correct at the time of publication but do check with them for current rates.

They can also do pickup and dropoffs at your resort.

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