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Planning on a trip to the Yasawa islands? Good choice, you will have the time of your life out there! We can show you the best way to get to the islands, where to stay, and tips on some of the "must do" sights and activities. So get ready for FANTASTIC FUN in FIJI, island style!

You can't compare the Yasawa islands to the Mamanucas. They are like chalk and cheese, each island group offering a totally different experience.

Sitting just to the north of the Mamanucas, the Yasawa Islands tend to be hilly, even mountainous, and offer better snorkeling that you will find in the Mamanucas. They also have those picture postcard white sandy beaches, and the bluest water you have ever seen.

While the Mamanucas attract a lot of Aust and NZ families, and have numerous comfortable resorts geared towards that type of guest, the Yasawas is more for the adventurous (and dare I say younger?) backpacker tourist.

Deserted beach on Nacula Island
Deserted beach on Nacula Island

Where To Stay In The Yasawa Islands

While there are over twenty islands in this group, not all of them are inhabited or have accommodation. The most popular ones are the southern islands, the ones up as far as Nacula. The Yasawa Flyer only goes as far north as there, for resorts further north that this you have to either use chartered boats or a seaplane to reach them.

Below, are the most popular islands, in the same order that you will reach them when travelling from the mainland. Some of the islands only have one place to stay, other have multiple choices.

What To Bring To The Yasawas

You should come prepared... some items either aren't available on the islands, or they are very expensive. Here's a simple checklist of the things that I try to pack on my trips.

Getting There

Turtle Airways have float planes that fly out to the Yasawas, although it's not cheap at FJ$380 one way. I have only done this once and I have to say if I could afford it, this would be the way I travelled every time! Not only is it nice and quick, the views are spectacular. Their departure point is from the Wailoaloa beach area.

Yasawa Flyer from Denarau: This leaves Denarau Marina at 8.30am each morning, and gets to the last stop at Nacula island somewhere around 1pm. Cost one way pp is in the region of FJ$185 to FJ$200, depending on which booking engine you are using. Prices are a little lower if you are travelling to one of the closer islands.

Tavewa Seabus from Lautoka: This is our preferred option, due to less travel time than the Flyer, and lower cost. There are actually two boats, the larger one (Tavewa Seabus 1) does some stops along the way, and visits the main Yasawa islands. The other smaller boat (Tavewa Seabus 2) goes directly to Coralview resort. Current price one way is FJ$120 to the end of the line at Nacula/Tavewa islands, which takes 3 to 3.5 hrs. They also have a return trip that leaves the Yasawas at 1pm. Info and booking form for Tavewa Seabus.

Tavewa Seabus2 docking at Lautoka

Yasawas Accommodation (Budget)

The majority of the accommodation here is aimed at the backpacker market, and tends to be... shall we say, "slightly rustic". But it's fine, as long as your expectations are reasonable. If you're not prepared to rough it a bit, then you might be happier at one of the Mamanuca resorts.

What you get here is basic but comfortable accommodation, filling meals, great company, and lazy days relaxing or snorkeling over stunning coral reefs.

That’s not to say you can't get high quality accommodation in the Yasawa Islands, you definitely can at places such as Nanuya Island Resort. However, most of the places here offer dorm accommodation, and/or simple and basic private bures.

What to expect in budget accommodation: Most of the places have a compulsory meal plan. In fact there is only one that I know of which allow you to purchase food rather than a meal plan. And for a small eater like myself, it means I can spend about 50% a day less than what I would with a meal plan. That place is Coralview resort. The Nanuya Boathouse used to, but as far as I'm aware they have now changed to a compulsory meal plan.

You will also find that at many places, the generator runs only at certain times of the day, so make sure you bring a power pack to recharge your phones etc when power is off. Showers tend to be cold water only, although with the climate here, that's no real hardship.

Some of the cheaper places charge a fee to collect you from the Flyer or Seabus, which will stop offshore from the island. So budget for that. It could be as much as fj$50.

Budget Dorm Accommodation, Typical Pricing

Below are a few of the budget places with current prices (2019-2020). This should give you a reasonable ballpark figure of what to expect.

Wayalailai Resort: Dorm prices are FJ$140pp. Sound expensive? Not really, because this includes meals as well, and if you convert Fijian $ to AU$ it's about $95.

Whereabouts in Australia are you going to get a bed beside a tropical beach with 3 meals a day for that sort of price?

Naqalai Lodge: Dorm prices are FJ$150pp. This also includes 3 meals a day, plus tea/coffee.

If you choose to stay here, then you might want to do the shark feeding tour... not my sort of thing but I'm assured it's perfectly safe!

CoralView Resort: Dorm prices are FJ$58. Many people comment that these are the nicest and cleanest dorms in the Yasawas, and having been there on more than one occasion, I have to agree.

The low price does not include meals, just a light continental breakfast. You have the option of purchasing a meal plan (unsure of current pricing for that) or purchasing meals from their restaurant. These are very reasonably priced.

The combined cost of dorm and meals should bring the total to around the same amount as the previous examples.

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