Sun Coast, Fiji

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Some of the accommodation choices available in this area.

Fiji is the most popular of the tropical South Pacific island destinations for good reason... it's fantastic! But that comes at a price for those of us that long for a relaxing time away from the crowds.

I have been lucky enough to travel to places that are well off the tourist trail. Some so remote that the village children ran to hide when they first saw us, as we were the first white people they had ever seen. Of course, a few sweets soon won them over.

But places like that do still exist in Fiji... if you know where to find them, and are prepared to make a little effort to get there. After all, if it was too easy everyone would want to go!

A sand cay off the Sun Coast. The water seems almost impossibly blue here.

Why Choose The Sun Coast?

On this page, I am going to introduce you to one of my favourite areas of Fiji… the Sun Coast. There is no official start and end point for this area that I’m aware of, although some people say it begins at Vuda Point. For me, it begins to the north of Lautoka and runs up the coast to the top of Viti Levu, past the Volivoli resort.

Not too far of the beaten track, but far enough that you might have to make a bit of an effort. We can show you how to get there, and it will be 100% worth it, I guarantee it. When you are on the Sun Coast, you can discover...

Towns On The Sun Coast

Lautoka: This is Fiji's second biggest city, and is also the point at which the main road changes from Queens Highway (goes south) to the Kings Highway (goes north). I think of it as the gateway to the north. We have a seperate page about Lautoka if you want to learn more about it.

Ba: About 3/4hr drive north of Lautoka, and inland a short way from the coast, is the town of Ba. That is also the name of the province, which might be confusing. This is the main hub for farmers in the area, who come into town to meet up with friends, get supplies, and frequent the large municipal market.

Every time I go to Ba, I am struck at how a small rural town can have such good roads, compared to the shocking state of the ones around Nadi.

One of the main streets in Ba.

Tavua: The next place of any significance is Tavua. Not a lot to see or do here, but it might make for a good place to stop and pick up some supplies, groceries, etc. There is a reasonably large supermarket in the main street that has everything you need.

Last time I was there, we stopped at the bridge just on the south end of town, I wanted to take a picture of the road sign. Looking over the bridge, I was struck at how so many people just don't seem to care for their environment. Take a look at the picture of the stream, although the image doesn't show the worst of it. Discarded plastic bags, wrappers, broken glass, bottles, disposable nappies, etc. It's very sad to see this sort of thing, and it rather spoils the image of a clean tropical paradise projected by the Fiji tourism board.

Nananu-i-Ra Island

Another hr or so further north, you reach the northern-most tip of Viti Levu, with the georgous island of Nananu-i-Ra just a few Km offshore. The departure point to the island is from Ellington Wharf, which is owned by Safari Lodge. However, the wharf is also used by other other accommodation providers on the island.

Nananu I Ra loosely translates to "daydeam of the west" in English, a beautiful name for a beautiful island. Back in the 80's this was a bustling tourist destination, but times change; these days the hordes of tourists tend to congregate in the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands chain, or on the Coral Coast.

And that spells great news for those that want a relaxed tropical island holiday, but don't really like the crowds. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

Don't come here expecting the same type of resorts as you get on (for example) Malolo island in the Mamanucas. There is no kids club, no organized resort activities, no dance music until 3am... and if that is what you are after, then this is not the place for you.

What you will get instead, is...
It's not hard to find a deserted spot on the Nananu-i-Ra beaches

Would you like to stay in this area? Check our page on

Accommodation On The Sun Coast.

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