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You need to be aware that car rentals in Fiji are not cheap compared to Australia and New Zealand. There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that vehicle prices and import duty are much higher, so it costs the rental company a lot more to buy and upgrade vehicles.

Example: In Australia, to hire a standard small saloon car (Yarris, small Corolla or similar) from an airport location, you would expect to pay as low as AU$30-40 per day. If you are in NZ, then prices are a bit higher, the same vehicle will probably cost around AU$55-65*.

In Fiji, the cheapest vehicle we could find with HERTZ was FJ$180+ per day or the equivalent of AU$125. And when HERTZ only gets 1.7 out of a possible 5 with customer ratings it definitely give pause for thought… see the reviews here. Europcar has similar prices, and similar poor reviews.

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Choosing A Car Rental Company In Fiji

Watch For Rental Scams: There are a lot of “touts” in Fiji, Nadi and Suva in particular. You might find you get offered a rental price that seems too good to be true. And of course, it usually is.

The first thing to do, is look at the rental car number plate. Does it start with LR? That LR stands for “Licensed Rental” and a genuine rental vehicle will always have this. If your rental vehicle doesn’t, then we suggest you walk away. It means they are operating outside the law, and you can bet your bottom $$ that they will look for every way possible to get more money out of you. Whether that is payment for supposed damage you have done, or something else, that low price you paid initially will NOT be the end of it. You may also run into difficulty claiming on travel insurance if you have an accident.

On the other hand, you don’t want to be paying the prices charged by HERTZ, or EUROCAR, so what other options are there for rental cars in Fiji?

PVV Rentals, 30yrs In Business

You can hire a Toyota Fielder from FJ$75 per day, or a small Corolla for FJ$50 per day, when you have a minimum hire period of 7 days. While they can and do hire vehicles such as 4×4 SUV’s or vans, the small saloon car hire is their bread and butter.

These are not the most modern vehicles but for this price you don’t expect that. What they are, will be vehicles that are a little older with age appropriate wear and tear, but well maintained.

PVV has been in business for 30 years, with their rental division being created over 10 years ago. So, you are dealing with a well established local company. Definitely worth checking out… you can get in touch with them to inquire about prices and availability by using the contact form below.

We think that PVV offers the best rates in Nadi, for small saloon type vehicles.

Just use the contact form to get in touch, and P.V.V rentals will get straight back to you with rates, availability etc.

A self drive holiday is a great way to explore Fiji, and with P.V.V you can make it affordable too.

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