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The Novatel is surprisingly inexpensive when you consider that it's rated as 4 star. It looks great from the outside, but perhaps a little rundown when you take a closer look.

The room rates at the time of writing (Feb 2020) start from fj$176 a night. That is through the Agoda website, which is usually as cheap as anywhere. It pays to shop around.

Entrance to Novatel
The entrance to Novatel


Perhaps one of the reasons I like this place, is because I'm a keen golfer... and The Novatel has a nine hole course on the grounds. It's not a long course... in fact only the 2nd is a par 4, the rest being par 3's. They have a small driving range as well, and you can hire clubs and a cart.

Of course a golf course is not the only facility here, the Novatel has all the things you expect from a 4 star hotel. Decent swimming pool, restaurant and bar, gym and spa. There is a tennis court, and I believe they have rackets and balls so you won't need to supply your own.

Novatel menu
The menu at Novatel. While they sound lovely dishes, the menu probably should have been checked for spelling and grammer before being printed ;-) I haven't eaten here yet, so can't comment on food quality.
Novatel swimming pool
View of the pool, from the restaurant.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

It's one thing having a good look around a hotel - talking to staff, guests, and inspecting a few rooms. It's quite another to actually stay a few nights and finding out some of the things that aren't apparent to somebody just looking.

So in those cases, I like to read as many reviews as I can about the place, and look for recurring patterns. That can say a lot about a place, espeially when the majority of guests all mention the same faults.


Staff. Many people have mentioned friendly and helpful staff, and I found that to be the case when I was visiting.

Pool. This was something else mentioned quite a lot. A decent sized pool that seems clean and well cared for. Again, that looked to be the case to me.

The Facilities. As previously mentioned there is a 9 hole golf course and tennis courts. The gym is also pretty good.


I have read dozens of pages of reviews on Trip Advisor, other booking websites, including the Novatel website. And here are the main recurring faults, the things that get mentioned time and time again.

Run Down. This is probably the #1 complaint, the place seems like it is not maintained, with rooms having cracked basins, broken bathroom tiles, mould growing in some places, very dim lighting, and A/C that isn't adjustable and mostly doesn't work anyway. Also, wifi has been mentioned as being patchy, and expensive to purchase access.

Restaurant. This was also something a lot of people have mentioned. The poor quality of the food. I haven't eaten here, so I'm in no position to pass judgement on that. But when I see that 4 out of every 6 reviews that I read mention bad food at the restaurant, you have to ask - why so many?

We have more general information about Nadi.

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