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P.V.V Travel are one of the best (if not THE best) value transfer operators in Fiji. Depending on the destination and number of passengers, you can get a private transfer for less than the cost of a taxi. The further you're traveling, the bigger the savings.

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Example 1: to transport 3 passengers from the Airport to Smugglers Cove in Wailoaloa beach, we charge NZ$22 one way. Competitor prices start at NZ$31.

Example 2: 1-4 passengers from the airport to InterContinental resort, charge is a flat rate of NZ$105 one way. We have seen a competitor price for the same thing NZ$93 PER PERSON (total of NZ$186 – NZ$372, 2-4 people).

The last thing you want on your arrival in Fiji, is an unreliable transfers operator. Safe, efficient, professional and reliable, those are the things you need.

PVV Travel has been working in the Fiji tourism industry for 30 years, so they know a thing or two about good customer service! If they didn’t they wouldn’t still be in business.

PVV have a range of vehicles, from modern 4 door saloon to long wheelbase vans so there will be something suitable for your group, no matter how many passengers.

All transfers are private, you do not share a vehicle with other passengers. That means no waiting around at the airport for others to turn up… your driver will be there to greet you as you exit customs. And it means you aren’t dropping off other people at their resorts either, we go straight to your destination. Unless you want to stop at an ATM or supermarket along the way.

PVV Transfers offer a free supermarket stop with all transfers. They also know the best currency exchange shops in Nadi and Namaka, and can take you there if you want to change some money (better rates than you will get at the airport).

Private Vs Free Resort Transfers

Many travel agents offer “free transfers” when you book a holiday package with them. That is what we had on our first ever visit to Fiji (10 days at the Hideaway on the Coral Coast… beautiful!) What we didn’t realize is how these free transfers operate.

First, we had a driver that seemed like he didn’t want to be there (probably tired after a long day of shuttling passengers back and forth). But because a “free transfer” means you will probably share with people on other flights we had to wait almost an hour before the last passengers arrived.

Then to top it off, our resort was one of the last on the list of dropoffs. This meant we didn’t arrive at our resort until after dark… and we had an early afternoon flight! Our transfer ended up taking longer than our flight from NZ.

How To Make Your Transfer Booking

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Look at the list of destinations below. Locate your resort in one of the sections, and then order a transfer to/from that section. You can tell us the actual resort name in the order form. Easy! You can choose either one way, or return (book both ways, and get a 10% discount on the return leg).

Example: For 2-4 people to travel from the Airport to Smugglers Cove at Wailoaloa, your pickup AND dropoff points are both in sector 1. Price one way is FJ$35 (up to 4 people). You would struggle to find a cab for that price, let alone get a private vehicle transfer!

If you were traveling from the airport to the InterContinental, then your dropoff point would be in sector 5.

Because we charge a per vehicle rate, that means we can transfer larger groups at a better price than if you were to pay by individual passenger. It costs us around the same amount to drive 8 people to a resort as it does to drive 12, so why pay more than you have to?

Prices charged reflect the running costs associated with the particular vehicle size we need to use for your transfer.

Conditions, Fares and Costs

Rates are quoted in NZ Dollars. (NZD). This will be converted automatically into your local currency at time of purchase.

Bookings are subject to a 4.9% credit card and Paypal surcharge, which will be added to the fare price.

Private Transfers

Private vehicle transfer is booked exclusively for the use of you and your travelling party. Private vehicles can cater for 1 + passengers and operate to / from your destination at a time convenient to you.. We do not offer SIV transfers (seat in vehicle, where you share with other parties).

Times can be rescheduled to suit your needs.

Any pickup from Lautoka Wharf is made at the entrance to the Wharf.


As we charge per vehicle and not per passenger, children count as one passenger regardless of age.

All infants travelling on Private Vehicles will be counted as a passenger irrespective of baby car seat used or not.

Excess Luggage

All PVV rates include luggage of up to 25kgs per person travelling. Additional charges apply for extra Luggage o rlarger items ( IE: wheel chairs surfboards ). NZ$10 per item.

Refunds and No-Shows

Bookings cancelled in writing up to 1 week before departure receive a full refund. Cancellations less than 1 week but more than 2 days are subject to a 50% charge. Notice of 48hrs or less or no shows incur full transfer costs.

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