Mini Van Shuttles

Shuttles are cheap (example: FJ$17 Nadi to Suva) but they do have a very poor safety record. So use these at your own risk.

You will see these everywhere between Lautoka and Suva. They often depart from somewhere near the main bus terminals – just look for a minvan parked on the side of the road, often with some signage on the front or sides. if you are staying at a resort on the Coral Coast, just go the the main road and wait. One will be along shortly, and if you indicate you want a ride, they will pull over if they have spare seats.

The Nadi to Suva run will stop and pickup/drop along the way, and they take a short break in Sigatoka (anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes).

A Fijian mini van shuttle at Suva
A Fijian mini van shuttle at Suva

TOP TIP: While there are toilets at the shuttle stop, your chances of finding toilet paper are about zero, so bring some tissues.

As we mentioned previously, the shuttles do not have a good safety record. Time is money for these guys, and I am unsure what actual qualifications the drivers have... they are not regulated in the same way public transport drivers are. I'm reminded of a very bad accident in Aug 2018 – 8 people killed in a shuttle accident about 20km east of Nadi. All locals, no tourists. While this was an exceptionally tragic crash, accidents involving shuttles are far too common in Fiji.

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